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Real Estate Web Design
San Diego, CA (PR Web) May 02, 2008 - Spicore Technologies
Spicore eBusiness Solutions, a leading software development firm in San Diego has added Google maps with local MLS integration to their Agent’s Assistant module.
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Real Estate Web Design
Sterling Company
Created a custom online presence for the Sterling Company brokerage firm specializing in the high value real estate area of Rancho Santa Fe.
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Custom Design
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Custom Real Estate Web Design
Real Agent Solutions can create professional and elegant-looking websites for all levels of real estate professionals with packages starting at $1799 which will include:
  • Starter logo packages:
  • Custom layout and design:
  • Provided Buyers and Sellers Resources:
  • Mortgage Center:
  • Up to 3 Interactive forms with Autoresponders:
  • IDX integration:
  • Search engine submission to the top search engines:
  • Unlimited e-mail:

    All offered packages have customized final costs and vary depending on final specifications.

    Leveraging your Custom real estate website: Good real estate website achieves four key objectives:
  1. Service Current Clients: By providing relevant and valuable resources, updated property listings, and timely answers to frequently asked questions, Spicore Interactive modernizes your image and adds effective and valuable resources that are for your established clientele.

  2. Help Close Potential Clients: Often, people complete comparative studies between competitors, spending hours dissecting web research. Studies show 88% of consumers visit their real estate agents website before selecting. Are you comfortable with your website as the first or last impression made a potential client? Are you comfortable against your competition? We deliver top-notch award winning custom web designs that will wow the target audience: curious real estate savants.

  3. Cost Effective Targeted Marketing: Fact: today most people go online first when looking to buy or sell a new home. Often, the majority performs vague, generalized searches on major search engines. We target this untapped goldmine client base. By utilizing cost effective marketing practices, Spicore Interactive guarantees a high return and more business.

  4. Increased Lead Generation: The final piece involves funneling your newfound traffic to your site, using effective “calls to action” within your website. This increased visitation mean nothing if qualified leads are not targeted. We appropriate “calls to action” that lead visitors to your site. Access to phone numbers and email addresses prove invaluable to follow up opportunities on consumer proposals.

Culminating in increased business, your new real estate website now incorporates an inviting yet relevant atmosphere, captivating and keeping visitors on your site. Effective marketing results in more people looking for your services at your updated site. Finally, those all-important strategic “calls to action” prompt visitors to contact you while converting these leads into new business.

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